Thacher Climbing Coalition Video Release

Thacher Climbing Coalition Video Release

After 5 years of gathering video and photos for the non-profit Thacher Climbing Coalition Xhedral has released the first of several videos. Rock climbers are a wide audience however most fall into the 18-35 demographic. We know that climbers are heavily reliant on information from websites and many work in engineering and IT. It is because of this that the TCC finds it important to connect with supporters on many levels. Video is an important part of connecting with supporters as it evokes emotion and communicates necessary information. In the case of the first TCC video the goal is to showcase the lands in which the non-profit operates. The park has a limited trail system and so the target audience has not had a good look at the terrain which will be used by climbers in the Northeast. Volunteer work has occurred in every season and at all times of the day, and during this spread Mike Whelan has been able to capture views of the park at its best.

This video has an obvious focus on the cliff and unlike most “nature” videos you will not see many animals, flowers or other subjects. Climbers view media related to cliffs with a particular eye related to their skills and so we cater to some of that here. We have added some diversity of shots so the video has the potential for more broad appeal.


Future videos will be different in nature as they will have a focus on people performing the action of climbing in the terrain. The TCC will be using Xhedral for videos related to educating the public on rules of the park and showcasing some of the areas best climbs, however future videos will be delayed in release until close to the date of the public opening. We look forward to posting more great shots from our outdoors then!

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