Xhedral’s mission is to create powerful content that reaches as many people as possible for our clients. The name Xhedral comes from “polyhedral” which is a three-dimensional object supported by many sides. We believe that the key to a successful media campaign and business growth is coordinated digital content and a firm understanding of your market. All of these 2D “faces” come together to form a plan of substance and strength.

We launched Xhedral in 2016 out of another video/web business started in 2006 (Whelan Communications). For over 15 years Mike Whelan has been engaged in video production and web design for all types of clients, however over the years it became apparent that digital content production does much better with smart planning and framework behind it. Past clients added social media marketing and other services with time as their needs grew. Xhedral offers scalable production value depending on our clients needs. For larger projects we connect with other talented individuals around the Denver, Albany and Brasov regions. For small low-cost operations it may be just one person who can solve all needs.

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