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A website is a foundation for your online presence and occupies a unique position in your communications strategy.  Since 1997 I’ve been involved in web design and online publishing. From HTML to CSS and from manual production to smart templates I’ve witnessed the evolution of website design and use.

Xhedral’s web design services are designed for empowering business owners, individuals with something to say and institutions that have educated 100s of thousands of young people. The system I use at Xhedral is perfect for new pages for small businesses up to 10 employees, or for larger organizations wishing for surgical improvements and updates to large legacy pages.

Sample work for our clients:

Clear Sky Medical – medical aesthetics clinic in Denver

Edison Tech Center – educational site on engineering and history

Universe of Instrumentation – online educational course about engineering tools

Thacher Climbing Coalition – non-profit focused on ice and rock climbing near Albany, New York

Navigate the minefield:

With companies like Wix that scam people into high cost bloated ecosystems it’s easy to stuck in the costly minefield. Take back the power by using solid powerful standardized tools and true market freedom.  Let me help you navigate the minefield of overpriced companies and help you develop a long-term content foundation that will give you the platform and search engine optimization you need.

More than just a “page”, engineer a powerful system:

It’s recommended to develop a media content strategy so that you spend time in the right places, interfacing your social media channels with your site. I can help you develop a plan for user flow so that all pieces function in relationship to each other. A properly working system will give you much greater power than the sum of the individual parts, this is the concept of “emergence”, however it requires good design structure. For over 10 years I worked with all types of engineers in the field of content and education. Feel free to ask about comprehensive marketing and delivery systems that can benefit your unique business needs.

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