Graphics and Photography

Our graphics and photography services are structured to support our primary services of Marketing Content production and Video Production. It’s important to have quality imagery of your products and services to help inspire your viewers, or at the very least help keep them reading through your technical material!


The Xhedral original stock photo library:

Back in 2001 our stock photography library began with the need to provide quality stills for graphics, diagrams and titles for video productions. Since that time we have gathered over 40,000 original photos in our stock photo library. Mike Whelan actively gathers more stock photos from rare and out-of-the-way places each year. When you purchase video production or web design services you get access to our stock photos which we use to enrich your content. Forget having to pay 20 or 100 dollars for each photo, with Xhedral our producers have unlimited access to our original photo library with no limits on use. Despite having tens of thousands of photos we still usually find the need to get some special pics from microstock libraries, however its nice having a good portion of the project taken care of.

Graphics for ads and print:

Video motion graphics:

We offer motion graphics as part of our video post production services. Our graphics are often chosen as a way to save money to avoid the high cost of 3D renderings. We can often give the illusion of 3D for a fraction of the price. For some projects however we do outsource some graphics. All of the graphics shown in the demo below were done in-house.

Sample graphics:

See our video below which is a montage of the many motion graphics we’ve created for clients over the years.

We offer a huge selection of original photos to enhance your content.

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