Green Screen and Interview Setup Packages

Green Screen and Interview Setup Packages

Since 2006 we’ve beeb working with green screen and interview setups for clients such as History Channel and PBS. We offer full lighting and audio setups for quality interviews in almost any space. Whether a standup inside your factory, or in a tight office, Xhedral is ready to show what your talent has to say in a clear, quiet and well-lit environment. Interview setups are an essential part of almost every documentary or corporate video. Don’t put bad audio and lighting in a video that shows the face of your company, get good audio and good video!

Pricing varies by package. This spring here are our prices*:

  • 1 man crew, full lighting, wired mics. $440 p/day HD video, $600 4K video. +$150 for green screen setups
  • 2 man crew: one videographer, one audio specialist with 3 wireless mics and more. $TBD – depends on some factors so let’s get more details
  • 3 man crew: one videographer, one audio specialist, one grip. $TBD

*All prices above are for January 1st – April 30th 2018 only.

What you get:

  • Free stills of the shoot at your location for PR and social media
  • No travel charges for local shoots in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins areas
  • Raw video delivered by chip, dvcam tape or usb drive
  • 8 hours of production time
  • HD video is shot on either a Canon 60D DSLR, Sony Z1U or other camera of your choice that we have
  • Audio is recorded either directly to video on the Sony Z1U, or to separate Tascam recorders. More audio options are available with the 2 man crew.


  • Setup: it generally takes 1 hour to setup and test all lights and audio equipment in a room. If you want a faster “standup” with a single light it can take about 5-15 minutes.
  • Tear down: it takes about 30 minutes to take down the setup.
  • Multiple setups: If you wish to shoot in different locations be aware of the set up and tear down times and that will give you an idea of how many locations you can shoot.


See the one minute montage of lighting jobs we’ve done before in a variety of locations.

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