Multi-media is a powerful driver of today’s brands. Video is necessary to communicate what your brand or small business does and has the ability to reach more people than any other form of media including your business website.

Xhedral Media is led by Mike Whelan, who has been working in broadcast TV and film production since 2001. Today Mike and associates work with Xhedral’s full portable studio setup for doing interviews in any location. See a full list of services below.



Video + audio: video interviews along with b-roll

Video + stills: video b-roll along with still photos

Aerial video and stills: 4k video and stills from up to 400′ in the air.

Post production (editing): processing of raw video, conversion of tape and editing of refined videos of any length

Online video publishing: processing of videos for upload, setting up clients with their own video channels, integration of videos into websites and social media.

Packages: see our posts on recent pricing and packages:

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Past specialties:

Historical Documentaries – 9 years of working with universities, museums, corporations and other entities to produce biographies and other formats focused on human history. Some projects have taken 2 years and involved extensive research while others are quick and light videos published online.

Videos focused on high-tech subject matter – Hundreds of videos on engineering and science, focused on educating the general public and niche groups.

The great outdoors – Mike Whelan has a specialty in travel into remote areas using skis, vehicles or by foot. He has shot video on 4 continents in all types of terrain including rainforests and high altitude areas. He has over 20 years of backcountry travel and mountaineering experience and holds certifications in avalanche safety and wilderness medicine.

National television networks – Since 2005 our team has been working in conjunction with Shenise Productions on many networks including: History Channel, A&E, C-SPAN, WMHT (PBS), WRGB (CBS), NFL Network, YES, NBC, and many more.


Video interview demo reel: (47 sec):


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