David Lowe – Journalist and Content Producer

David Lowe is on Xhedral’s team of freelance content producers. After almost three decades of work in mainstream media Lowe now splits his time between Europe and the Rocky Mountain region of the US to contribute stories to local publications and non-profits. He enjoys helping budding writers and collaboration, often doing support roles with a passion for historical original source documents.

A specialty and a cause:

David’s specialty area is in technological history with a focus on early direct and alternating current. He supplies reports for other writers from specialized sources such as historic court documents and patent records. He believes that journalism and good writing has been eroded by quick deadlines and profit-motivated direction. As ad revenues have fallen, so have writer’s salaries. Many news publications adopt a churn-and-burn model using new college grads who don’t have the background, experience, or time to create quality content. Proper research is necessary by human-created stories as content farms and AI-driven writing will be using today’s stories to generate content in the future. The continued distortion of history and perpetuation of myths is a serious problem when it comes to reporting on historical facts.

Interest areas:

Besides engineering history, David has been an outdoor enthusiast since the early 1990s, and an “early” adopter of backcountry skiing and climbing. He is involved in multiple non-profits in the areas of conservation and education.

Contact David for original articles or assistance at DavidLowe1892 – at – gmail dot com