Business Tools

Xhedral Business services is about setting business tools and technology to help small businesses achieve the following goals:

  • Clarify numbers – both profit and effectiveness of marketing
  • Have a useful marketing plan that actually reaches the target audience
  • Centralize business information and digital tools into one cloud based system that is easy to use


Xhedral Business has worked in restructuring businesses with $50,000-1 million gross income to become more efficient and turn a break even situation to a very profitable operation. Past clients include rental property management and medical clinics. We build specialized tools for projecting profit in new operations, and renovating businesses that have been a mess. Creating a well-functioning new business from a difficult past is actually a passion. There is beauty in numbers!

Operation Tools and Record Keeping:

We set up businesses with cloud-based systems to manage operations records and legal records. New systems allow business owners to quickly access data from any device and keep a disciplined system so data is not lost through bad organizational practices by employees. Often times government regulations requires actions based on records about customers/patients. We’ve been doing record keeping and data backups for clients since 2007.

Legal Support:

Photography, graphics, documents and other forms of support are important for defending businesses against attack by those who abuse the law to attack others (tort law), or steal. Xhedral Business has provided organized support for businesses in need and has been working with lawyers in multiple states every week since 2016.

Security Camera Systems and IT Security:

Xhedral Business solutions include systems for keeping a business’s digital accounts secure through getting employees to adopt safe practices. In-office or on-site hard-wired security camera installation are a physical part of the security apparatus as well. 15 years of video production skills led us to expand into professional level security camera systems in 2015. Our systems have been installed in condominium complexes, private homes and offices. More on our installation service >

Efficient Marketing:

Xhedral stands for “X” as in a number and “hedral” which refers to facets. Marketing is about a multi-faceted structure that works together to achieve the goal of connecting your product with your customer. Our website development is an important part of this service, and is combined with market studies, and special tools to track metrics which awareness to the business owner.  Our annual and quarterly reports are the eyes and ears into the market and reveal the effectiveness of current expenditures. Xhedral Media’s graphics production produces ads, handouts, pamphlets, YouTube videos, and more, however before any production costs are incurred a market study is necessary to know what types of media products are actually going to be effective or reach the consumer.

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