Like the polyhedral (multi-sided structure), marketing involves several facets which come together to support a solid plan. Proper market analysis is important prior to creating your content.

“We need a great video!!” “We badly need a new website!!”

Competitive analysis, market segmentation and territory reports are part of getting started. It’s amazing what new things you can discover about your sales territory.

It is common in small business and the non-profit world for a business leader to know generally what content they need. Good instinct is what helped them get where they are as a leader, however the details of branding and the integration of the new content with other marketing apparatus is key. It is not hard to search through YouTube or Vimeo and find a great documentary or well made company video with hardly any views. The effort to launch new impactful content should be part of a larger plan which may involve many things such as market segment identification and promotion of your new video on forums across the globe.

Low cost mods, and long-term care for your business:

We offer a variety of modules to fit your budgetary needs. If you are looking for a quick fix we have a few key reports which can make a major difference.

In most cases we do long-term care for the business or non-profit. We launch new campaigns with several forms of content on several channels to ensure we reach as much of your target audience as possible. We create reports on progress based on key performance indicators as we move forward.

The “Engineering Approach”:

For many years we have been working with engineers from around the globe on educational content. This has given us a workflow influenced by some great project managers. We value analytics and science and balance this with the “art” and “heart” side of content creation. Behind all beautiful inspiring content however must be numbers and intelligently designed plans.

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