Security Camera Installations

Since 2013 Xhedral Business has been installing commercial grade video security systems as an add-on to it’s business IT services. From medical offices to condos we specialize in hard-wired, long-term systems incorporating both visible and hidden cameras.

10 Reasons Why Your Home or Business Needs Vigilance:

  1. Stop crimes before they happen. While 95% of passers don’t notice your security cameras, thieves do. Why break into your building or office when they can break into the neighbor who has no cameras? They take the path of least resistance and least risk.
  2. Make your tenants and customers feel safer.
  3. Stop employee theft.
  4. Solve petty disputes. Settle issues between tenants or employees.
  5. Stop junk lawsuits by providing proof. Stop tenants, employees and customers abusing the tort law system through proof.
  6. Prove theft or storm damage to your insurance company.
  7. Find your missing iPhone! Yes, we’ve helped businesses uses their cameras to find important items which went missing.
  8. Reduce your insurance costs. Some insurance companies will give you a discount for things like security lights and cameras.
  9. Keep an eye on your business while your away.
  10. Save money on labor. Watch more square footage from one central control point.

Consumer vs. Professional Systems:

Consumer grade camera systems installed by homeowners are everywhere, however these pay-by-month, pay-per-camera systems are not suitable for business use. Businesses need the next step: systems that are robust, with power backup, hard to tamper with by employees, and don’t require paying absorbent fees in monthly subscriptions and are designed by people who understand video technology.

Residential with falling ice/snow guard, matched colors, no visible wires. Aesthetics are important.



Hard to notice placements which are designed for max image quality for both natural light and IR light at night.

Whether you own a diesel service garage or a moderate office space you can call us for a consultation. Solutions to your security needs will vary greatly and we will set up your system to directly address your needs.

Examples of unique needs:

  • Legal concerns: HIPAA, Rental properties, etc. We are familiar with the laws and placements need to incorporate this.
  • Need to extend electrical power to new areas to power security systems.
  • Need to keep security system installations and maintenance completely separate from your employees existing duties.
  • Need for both hidden and visible security cameras to catch shrinkage and internal theft
  • Difficult lighting at certain times of day
  • Outer buildings that require wireless or buried wire links
  • Combination of passive DVR systems and online systems that keep business owners connected to the business at key points without being stuck in expensive online subscription traps.
Check your local crime map, both rich and poor neighborhoods are targeted.

20+ Years of Protection:

Investing in a quality hard-wired system with great camera placements and no visible wires is a capital investment. While cameras and DVRs can be updated every 10 years, the placements, custom electrical and video cable installations can supply any systems in the future. Wireless systems peddled by consumer sellers are expensive, easy to disrupt and quick to become obsolete. Hard wired systems are actual capital investments recognized in the real estate industry and are a good long-term investment.

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