Southwestern Shoots Completed

Southwestern Shoots Completed

After two weeks in the wilds of the Southwest Mike W.  and Will J.  have completed an ambitious shooting schedule in some of America’s most beautiful national forests and landscapes. They were shooting for two major projects, the first was for the Xhedral stock photo library, and the second project is for a show involving history and adventure recreationists. The second project has been in production for 3 years already and will continue to go on. This series will likely take another two years to finish as it requires special conditions and very specific locations. Mike looks forward to unveiling the project before sponsors but more market segment research and planning is required. “It is important that we take this painstakingly gathered footage and build the best possible product, we have a lot of options as to how to package the content and so research is needed to ensure that the show achieves its goal of being entertaining while educational.”

Mike has used material from past shoots on this major project as stock video for clients but the best footage is still in the archives. “It will be really exciting to show the culmination of years of work in the most beautiful locations in the United States. This content is the type which is timeless and as with previous documentaries I’m hoping this will stand as a go-to piece for several segments. In the future I hope to involve some of the great minds of our age to enrich the value of the message of our series.”

You can view a few photos from the shoot below.


Heavy packs and lots of gear were required to get into some remote areas, this weight limited the amount of production gear we could bring out there.
Moody wet weather both hurt the shoot and help create dramatic cloud conditions.
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