Custom Timelapse Clips to Enhance Your Video

Custom Timelapse Clips to Enhance Your Video

For many years timelapse video was either expensive or difficult to execute with clarity. Today however the cost of timelapse production has come down and is found in many documentaries and corporate videos. Xhedral now offers time-lapse video among its other services. To kick off this initiative we have released our collection of time-lapse shots collected over the last year in fun locations from Eastern Europe to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.


Today there are many ways to capture timelapse video from a cheap phone to $20k setups using DSLRs and tethered laptops. At Xhedral we use two methods for time lapse. The primary method involves using a DSLR, or two to capture your action. This yields results which are broadcast quality. The other method for lower budget productions is the use of GoPro units. Sometimes GoPro can create some really nice results.

The cost of timelapse:

Timelapse video adds diversity to your project and is certainly worth doing for key shots at a video opening or closing. Timelapse will always cost more than other forms of video in that it takes a chunk of your production day away. Many times I’ve been able to squeeze in a few time lapse shots after dinner while travelling. A few night time shots of the target location can really spice up the video and offer an alternative to the standard mid-day factory shot.

Another factor in timelapse is that there will be some special post production to create the final (and hopefully beautiful) raw clip. In most projects the budget does not cover extensive post, so using a certain workflow I can minimize post production costs. There are certain limitations to the workflow. A sunset or sunrise shot is not possible using the slim workflow. Its important to craft a solution that works for the budget and location restraints.

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